Friday, July 5, 2013

It's a beautiful day

I have U2's Beautiful Day stuck in my head. I had two awesome packages arrive that I wanted to put in a scene but between health and vacation haven't had a chance yet. I'm hoping to squeeze in a room setting inspired by this French set of magnets that were a gift from Anna-Maria aka The Shopping Sherpa (purchased from Typo). THANK YOU ANNA-MARIA!!!
I loved how she demonstrated her thought process on scene building in this post, inspired by a vintage style magnet. If you haven't yet, you should also check out her collection featured on The Huffington Post (her second featured article by them) with a great video too!

You may have seen this on Modern MC's twitter feed... Doris of minimodernistas made me one of these beauties, too. THANK YOU DORIS, I LOVE IT!!!!!! (Sorry for the backdrop, I have a sheet as a dust cover over my Antrim at the moment. Tacky! I know.) Doris has long been making V Leg Day Bed Sofas, but Modern MC tweeted this suggestion and the corner day bed sofa was born. Doris will be selling this as well as the cute pillows on her website soon. More to come...


  1. I love this sofa. Doris does some great work! How many parts are there to it?

    1. I hear ya, Doris does amazing work. I love her stuff. It's actually all connected as one whole piece. The grey cushions are all attached (except the two pillows on the left, those are separate). :D


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