Saturday, January 14, 2012

Maryann Roy shabby to chic DIY tutorial

(Carol, I know you're going to love this one!)

Maryann Roy has a really cool DIY post with details and directions on how she resurrected this shabby Barbie furniture into stylish mid-century modern chic. The furniture is 1:6, but great tips for any scale.

(all images from Maryann Roy's blog


  1. What a creative idea! I love the idea of repurposing instead of tossing; there are a lot of plastic hot pink sofas and chairs around. Thanks for posting and thank you Maryann for the fabulous creativity!

    How about taking model train G scale boxcars and turning them into 1/2 scale industrial decor-houses? Or Bonsai drainage mats for room dividers or wall grids? Please keep posting, it makes my day!!

  2. Hi Neenie
    Repurpose, reuse, remarkable! Maryann Roy took the cake on this one.

    Cool ideas! My new years resolution is to post more often, so THANKS for the encouragement! :D

    mini smiles,


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