Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hey Tanya from Shoot from the Hips, I want to see your dollhouse!

I saw this DIY Modern Dollhouse on Apartment Therapy. Look familiar? After seeing made by Joel's dollhouse, Tanya and her husband were inspired to build one for their son. According to Apartment Thearpy the plans they used to make it and details on how they made the furniture are up on Tanya's blog, Shoot From the Hips, but when I go to her blog its an invite only blog, and says to contact the author for an invitation. Boo!

Tanya, can help out a modern mini addict, I would love to read your post,

Congrats, it is a gorgeous house, I know a lot of adults that would like to play there, too!

(news from Apartment Thereapy image from


  1. I do love what they built. Plus, I would like to thank Tanya again for helping me find the little doll figures.

  2. Where did you end up finding the doll figures? I wasn't sure if they made them or not, they are super cute.

  3. I found them on etsy under a shop called: indigoinspirations

  4. Yo MC, thanks of the info, I love those dolls.


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