Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fashion House Tour

So, yeah, the staircase is my favorite part of this house. It's made out of one inch acrylic bar with polished ends from TAP Plastics. I blogged before about the gluing jig I used to assemble the staircase. I used Seal All to glue the stairs to each other and the 3" x 5" one inch acrylic landing. Pillows are minimodernistas and chairs are CB2 igloo chair ornaments, gift from Modern MC (on sale for $0.50). Large verde plant is PRD Miniatures. I'm not positive what I want to do for the front door, so for now I'm using Callsmall's trick of deco tape on the plexi wall. I wanted the front of the house to have a grand, open feel, but I have to find a way to make it look more realistic.

Here's a look at the stairs through the side window over the landing. Then moving around the side we'll peek upstairs into the bedroom and bathroom.

Painting, rug, magazine rack over tub, bed and bedding by PRD Miniatures. Laptop by lilu. Small pillows on bed by minimodernistas, as well as boxed shells over loo. Tub and loo are IKEA. Magazines are X10NY. Remaining items are Kaleidoscope House, ebay and dollhouse show finds, along with gifts from MyRealitty and mini2b. The tub is tucked into an alcove I built for it. I'm debating between sliding doors or a hinged wall to cover the opening.

I used deco tape and masking tape on the window and door, sprayed with several layers of glass etching paint, then removed to add some privacy. The door actually works, the frame is made of styrene. I need to add a handle, but I was really excited it came together. It took over an hour to build; measure twice, cut once. CB2 Reed chair ornaments painted grey (on sale for $0.95. Thanks again MC!) Ribb Chaise is PRD Miniatures, gift from mini2b along with topiaries as well. Accessories AG Minis and Mighty World.

The working sliding doors head into the great room. I glued the mirror pieces together to add a little glitz. I have tons of extra pieces so if anyone wants one stay tuned, I'll blog later when available. I think its time for a give away. ;) The Essex Kitchen from PRD Miniatures was built for my Antrim, but fits great here too. I had purchased a kit from Elf Miniatures, but time did not allow me to finish. I'll blog the kit build later.

My original design called for a half bath next to the stairs, but I didn't have time to finish. The red parlor came together instead, so I'm not sure I want a half bath there now. Coffee table is Peter Tucker. Sofa, pillows, rugs, ribbon lamp, silver lamp, clock, green IKEA style bookcase, and grey slant bookcase are all minimodernistas. Kitchen, bar stools, chairs, paintings, frames, decorative accents, carpet tiles are PRD Miniatures. Designer chairs are Reac. Sideboard is AG Minis, gift from Doris. L'arc de triomphe from Modern MC along with TAP Plastics black and white boxes in green bookcase. Accessories from dollhouse shows, hobby shop and arts and crafts store.


  1. I wish you a happy and healthy 2012.
    I love this house, very modern. My favorite part is the stairs too.

  2. I love, love, love this house!!!! It has such great style and I adore the frosted glass!

  3. what a great job you've made - I enjoy every angle ( I could only have a quick look - I've got to work. I've million questions- for later.

  4. Overwhelmed by your talent! Beautiful! Can't wait to see more pics! Melissa

  5. Simply stunning, great work ! Hope you´ll win the contest :) Claudia

  6. Thanks for the more detailed tour. This is a great house! I agree - the stairs and etched glass are just wonderful!

  7. I look at this and then turn and look at my FS kit in the corner.'s super dusty. Anyway--THE STAIRS ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! And you already know I dig your work on this.

  8. Fantastique!!!! Your house is a perfect showcase for the best of mini modrn design. I especially like the gray painted out doors set! CM

  9. Beautiful house, great skills! Your blog has so much vitality!

    I learned today that Triang created a "stone" and "glass" house in 1961. One is listed for sale on KT Miniatures Journal, Your house evokes that mid-century modern glamour with tons and tons of cutting edge design style! Hope you win both contests!

  10. Sorry, this is the URL that sets out the Triang for sale ( still KT Miniatures):

    Please publish more pictures of your fashion house, I would love to see more close- ups of the stairs, truly unique!

    M :)

  12. Maria Thanks so much, best wishes to you in 2012 as well. So glad you like it.

    Mad for Mod THANKS!!! The frosted glass is great. I will likely use it in every house I build. I was worried because the etching spray is for glass and says not to use on plastics, but I did about 10 light coats over the tape to get the opacity I wanted.

    Neomig Thank you! Send questions when you have time. It was a fun project and I'm happy to share any tips I found building it.

    Melissa Aww shucks, just for you I'll have to post some bloopers pictures for all of the things I screwed up on before figuring it out.

    Claudia Thanks! It would be fun to win, but I'm up against some stiff competition, but we'll see. Knock on wood. :D

    Sandra As much as a pain the stairs were (and are, the fell broke so I have to re-glue) they seriously came out slendidly. Glad the verdict is in that everyone likes them. :)

    Yo MC Hey Man, drop that FS Kit off and I'll build one for you! Seriously!!

    CM I'm so flattered!! :D

    Hi Neenie Thanks for the links! I love the old Triang houses. I've seen that one before in worse condition up for auction. I think another blogger has one, but I can't remember where I've seen. It's a gorgeous house and thanks for the lovely comments.

    Maryann THANKS!!! I'm posting your contest shortly!!

    mini smiles to all!!!

  13. Wow! Good lord this is master work! I t looks so real! Everything is perfectly made! I loooove the modern aspect of that house!

  14. that house is absolutely wonderful. CB2 wants to charge $35 to send those chairs to UK, I'm sure they hardly weigh anything - robbery!

  15. maison marie george Thank you so much for the lovely comments. It is wonderful for me to have others that appreciate this passion. :)

    LadyB Okay, international shipping seems to be ridiculous, give me a week, and I will post to see how much interest is out there and maybe I'll do a large order and then ship to everyone. Stay tuned, I'll post something this weekend.

    mini smiles,

  16. Gorgeous! If it were available in my size, I would love to live in it!

  17. Woooh, what is this SUPER!!!
    This is really great!

    greetings Hélène

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