Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thumbs up for Dylan House by brinca dada

My Realitty loaned me her Dylan House by brinca dada after the Good Sam Show (so yes these photos are a month old, par for the course). I had a really limited time slot to work with; I spent one evening in my garage unpacking and digging through miniatures to use in the house. The next day I had an hour and half while the kids were sleeping before we had to be at a party. I balanced a stool, boxes of furniture, accessories, tape, camera on top and carried everything from my garage, across the street to the marsh wetlands in front of our house on the bay. It was easily 150 yards. Bad idea to do it by myself. My arms were about to fall off and I was freaked out I was going to trip and drop everything. By the time I carried it out there, I had 20 minutes to set everything up and take photos before I had pack it up and hike back. I got a lot of odd looks from people biking and walking by, and a bark attack by a dog that didn't like seeing the walking boxes. Oh and the WIND! I almost got my socks knocked off. I gave up on adding more accessories, because they kept blowing over. I was a sweaty mess by the time I made it home, but I think the pictures were worth it. Come inside and take a look.

The living room set, couch, chair, coffee table and side table are from Maryann Roy. Pillows and room divider from minimodernistas. Low modern dresser from ebay. Rug is fabric sample My Realitty. Accessories from PRD Miniatures and Good Sam Show purchases.

I made a false wall for the back of house to "wallpaper" all of the rooms, as the back is entirely open for access. The kitchen counter is two wood samples from My Reallity on top of cardboard with a tinfoil sink, very low tech, but I was short on time. Table is IKEA. Tulip chairs are Modern MC. Lamp and red plate on wall are My Realitty. Stove, pots, pans, side table are Mighty World, I can't believe I finally got use out of my Philippe the Chef set.

I was also surprised that the Kaleidoscope House bathroom set fits great in the 3/4" scale. Shelf and planter boxes are from minimodernistas (one I filled with plants from craft store). Ceiling light is scrap from Tap Plastics. Wallpaper is room divider from Maryann Roy. Can't remember where I got the plant. Coffee mug is from mini2b, I meant to put it on a side table, but ran out of time.

Mirrored bedroom set of bed, dresser, side table, lamp and blue bead accessory are Maryann Roy. White chair, wood side table, and bench are Paul MacAlister. Triple silver lamp and framed shells are minimodernistas. Silver room divider/headboard from Modern MC from Tap Plastics. Rug is another fabric sample from My Realitty. Coffee mug from mini2B. Accessories are PRD Miniatures, AG Minis.

Overall, I love this house even though its smaller than my preferred scale. My kids were enamored as well. We may be getting one for them for the holidays. Thanks so much My Realitty for the loaner. It was fun ride. I think the house will have another adventure before it returns to you. ;)


  1. wow - only wow.
    I know what you told us about long arms from carrying these dollhouse-stuff outside and the odd views of people and even the barking dogs ...
    but you are totally right it was worth it. congratulations!
    greetings from cold germany

  2. What an awesome back drop for the looks so natural there! Definitely worth it. I also with Mary Ann Roy would make some more 1/12 scale stuff, ;-)

  3. Definitely worth it! Beautiful shots and the environment is perfect. Nice staging too. What a beautiful (even if windy)day. I was just thinking how I wished I had a nice backdrop for The Emerson House. Course, I might look funny running down the freeway with a big dollhouse, ey? Chuckles!

  4. Make that wish she would, not with she would...sounds like I have a lisp!

  5. Having the house outdoors gives it a beach effect which is so great. The smaller scale furniture fits just right and looks awesome.


  6. Great pics, phenomenal setting. Just the right backdrop! Makes me want to get the house (and move to the west coast -- it's cold and rainy out east)!

  7. Wow Lookin good! You are a marvel to do it in such a short time! CM

  8. doris/minimodernistasNovember 20, 2011 at 7:36 PM

    Bravo, web angel!!!!

  9. Hi there I found your blog on recommendation from Mini Modern. I just wanted to tell you how lovely it is. We wanted a modern house so my daughter and I went through all your suggestions. We like the Brinca Dada house and we were looking at the Emerson. I have mailed to see if they will ship to the UK. But then I saw all the comments on the internet about how bad it was. I can see you have an original one, what do you think?, I am guessing you will know, is the new one better?. i'm worried about having it all shipped and then having major problems and delays.
    Thanks so much for your blog. Just love love it!.

  10. Sara-

    Hi, it's Doug from brinca dada.

    I read your comment about the quality of the Emerson House and thought you should know that we were not happy with the overall quality. We simply had too many problems.

    We have found a new manufacturer that we believe is doing great work for us. They produced the Dylan and the new Bennett for us and the quality is very good.

    So, we are going to re-introduce the Emerson as the Edward House in a week or so. We've tweaked the styling slightly, but if you liked the Emerson, you will likely love the Edward.

    Happy Holidays.


  11. Just had to come back and say that although it took Brinca Dada ages to come back to me eventually they did and I have a happy ending because I ordered the Edward which is their replacement for the Emerson, its being shipped this week.
    Thanks so much for all the info on your site about furniture makers. My daughter wants a modern kitchen so we have been trying to find one and your links and articles are just fantastic. I can see we will both be getting into this!.

  12. Aw man, I tried posting this comment weeks ago, but it didn't go through. Boo. :(

    Oese I knew you would understand the funny looks as you have brought some of your scenes to outdoor spaces. It's worth it, but more work than I thought. Sending you lots of warm sunshine.

    Mad For Mod I will be meeting Maryann in December and I will athk, I mean ask, about 1:12 again. :D

    Yo MC I can just see you running down 280 or 101 trying to get to a water view. :P

    Jess Thanks! I was surprised at how much stuff I had that worked at this size.

    Callsmall Anything to lure you (and your collection) to the west side. :P

    Carol Glad you like it. I'll bring it back when you return. :)

    Doris Glad you like it, I'll have to get some of your smaller stuff for the Emerson.

    Sara Yes there are some issues with the production of the first run of the Emerson House, but I actually still really like the house despite its flaws. It is a lot to assemble, but I think the new Edward addresses all of the complaints and I'm really excited to see it.

    Doug Hi! Thanks so much for the comment and update.

    Sara I'd love to see pictures along your mini adventures. Congrats on getting the Edward and I hope you and your daughter have a great time building your collection together. Imagine instead of her borrowing clothes and makeup, you'll be swapping minis. :D

    mini smiles to all,

  13. OMG! This looks so great! Glad my pieces work well in the space.
    LOVE how you decorated!!
    Maryann :)

  14. This is good work by the author. Thanks for sharing this home improvement blog.


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