Saturday, November 12, 2011

Round 1. Giant disaster.

Did you ever have the greatest costume idea, but when you look in the mirror its just duct tape and a cardboard sword? My I'M A GIANT dollhouse challenge is shaping up to be the same disaster.

I've been really pondering what to do for the challenge. I've been going back and forth with design ideas, but nothing has come together. Before Halloween I decided to build a one bedroom two story case study inspired house. After giving up on making a scale version of one of the classics, I unpacked my miniatures (we moved recently) to layout a house to build around some of my favorite pieces. Reminded me of that Kholer commercial, "Design a house around this."

I cut cardboard to size to figure out the dimensions of the wood I needed to buy. I worked out two staircase designs to find the best space saver. I found a bathroom layout that would work with this beach side house. After spending two days going over the numbers and needed building materials, my husband asked, "is that going to fit in your car?"

Strike 1. If it doesn't fit in my car, I can't drive it to the showcase in LA. Back to the drawing board.

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  1. BUT! You have some amazing furniture already ^^

    I just have the room so far XD

  2. Hey Stephanie!
    But your room is AMAZING!! Anything will look fantastic in it. Maybe I'll skip the house and just put out the furniture. That would be so much easier. :P

    mini smiles,

  3. I commend you for even attempting a build. I once tried to make a Farnsworth. I got as far as a single wall. I still keep it around for giggles. I'm just not as crafty as you are, man. I like your design idea though...

  4. Hola MC
    I might be in for a rude awakening, but I'm still imagining a beautiful house at the end of this. Hopefully no duct tape. We shall see.
    mini smiles,

  5. Patience and fortitude. I know you'll do it!

  6. Thanks Doris! I'm sticking with it. :D

  7. Hi there
    Just looks lovely.
    Where did your kitchen come from?. Its great.

  8. Hi Sara
    Ugh, I just realized my response to your comment on the brinca dada post didn't make it on my blog, sorry! I'll repost shortly. So glad you got one, it is a gorgeous house, great for kids and adults. This kitchen was custom built for my Antrim by Paris Renfroe, Most of the stuff on his website is 1:12, but you could email him for something custom for the smaller scale of the Emerson/Edward House.

    Elizabeth at ELF Miniatures has 1:16 scale kitchens and kits for the Emerson on her website here (1:16 = 3/4" scale):

    Or you could search for Lundby kitchens, which I think would work fine.

    Good luck and send me pictures when it's done!
    modernminifan @ (remove spaces)


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