Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My First Dollhouse

My mom was cleaning out her attic and dug up some old childhood toys she thought my kids would enjoy. My kids were really excited to have their own dollhouse, as they are not allowed to touch some of my other houses. I had to laugh at the dinner table - lobster? Really? Definitely not the typical meal for us. The Fisher Price A Frame House brought back some memories; it's been great having my kids love it as much as I did. My oldest thinks it is the greatest house because it only has one bedroom so everyone can sleep together. After picking him up from school today, he said "Mom, we need to get a bunk bed before we move to a one bedroom." I'm not sure why he thinks we'd move to a smaller place, but kids really do say the darndest things.


  1. I had one of the fisher price a-frames too. I loved it.

  2. It's been a while since I commented on this blog, but I've LOVED seeing what you do, as always. I just got one second hand without furniture... I was wondering, if I were to furnish it, what scale furniture would fit it best?? -Audrey aka bijoukaleidoscope.com

    1. Hey Audrey! I would guess 1:24 scale, but I'm not 100%. Give me a week and I'll take some measurements of the furniture it comes with and post some photos so we can figure out the best scale. :D

    2. Thanks. I'm keen to install some funky mid century/minimalist pieces ... any suggestions?? :)


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