Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dollhouse Kitchen and Home Tools on

A friend turned me on to — more to come on that in next post ;) — its another online website with daily sales up to 70% off retail, but focused on design inspirations and pretty cool modern stuff.

I saw these household items from Boston Warehouse and had to applaud the designers for bringing miniatures into the kitchen in a less than traditional way. Plus, I think they are pretty cute. These were on sale for $5 each.

Oh, and Dwell Magazine The Bible for Modern Living (I love that tag line) just went on sale for $12 for a 1-year subscription, which usually runs $19.95. They are offering a digital subscription or a print subscription, depending on how much you like trees. :P

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  1. You find the coolest stuff!

    Yeah,uh, Dwell IS my Bible, and my peace is found in well designed spaces...

    Isn't preschool the best? CM

  2. Thanks for the tips and the links!
    Love those little kitchen accessories. Too cute!


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