Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Eat on this.

More PRD Miniatures in the house...

The table was actually one of the first pieces that Paris made for me, based on a design of a table I sent him (blogged about here). I LOVE this table. Paris came up with this great material to wrap around the base. He also used the same ribbed white laminate on the upper cabinets of my new kitchen and on the entertainment unit to tie the rooms together.

If you couldn't guess, I love high contrast. Paris made these custom Ayche chairs for me. The chairs are super sleek and made of corrugated cardboard with acrylic detailing on the sides. The PRD website lists two versions, natural with white acrylic or black acrylic, but he painted mine a dark chocolate brown which makes the white acrylic pop in the room. At first I was thought it was pronounced like a cute sneeze (ahh chee), but its actually pronounced like the letter "h". It took me a minute to get it, but very clever Paris!

The Mantao Area Rug is dreamy. I've used it in a few scenes (pictures to come). Its a versatile charcoal grey with textured stripes. I can count the stripes to make sure I have everything centered in the middle.

Da deets: Ayche chairs, custom table, Mantao Area Rug all from; candlesticks refurbished Petite Princess, plate from miniatures show. (Living room deets in next post.)

You can check out more of Paris Renfroe's work on flickr too.


  1. Dang...he is sooo good. Beautiful.

  2. Definitely food for thought. The best! C

  3. I think this is the first time I've seen pictures this close up of paris's minis.. love it!

  4. Hey! You live close so ya better keep an eye on these... ha ha! So lovely. Seriously regretting that I didn't kidnap him and put him in the basement to slave away making modern miniatures for me. Hmm...Maybe I'll get another chance in October...

  5. Anonymous - Indeed he is. I own this stuff and I still drool over it.

    Carol - Now I just need food for the table. :)

    Ann - I love the close up shots to capture more of the details. I'll try to take more. Glad you like them.

    MC - LOL!!! and I don't have a basement, but let's see what we can come up with. It puts the miniatures in the basket. Just kidding, love ya Paris!!

    mini smiles,


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