Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Antrim PRD Kitchen

I got an email asking what's going on with my Antrim house, and the gist of it is, I suck, seriously, my photography skills suck. Whenever I look at the photos I take, I realize how much my lighting is horrible, items are crooked and the photos don't do justice to the quality of the pieces. So I keep saying, I'll get better lighting, read my camera's owner manual and figure out how to take better pictures, but um yeah, that's not happening any time soon. So instead I spend hours in photoshop making adjustments so the white is not as pink or yellow, and the colors look more normal. So over the next week, I'll try to get all of my recent photos up. I have some really cool PRD Miniatures, Minimodernistas and Maryann Roy work I'm excited to show you.

For starters, what do you think of my custom PRD Kitchen? I haven't found accessories yet to match its beauty. The details are amazing. I love the faucet and under mounted sink. The backsplash is actually clear plexiglass with blue craft paper creating the tiles, so any time I want to redecorate I can swap out with another piece of paper/fabric/photo or whatever and voila instant makeover.

There is also under cabinet lighting that can be turned off with a little button on the top of the middle cabinet. I love the faux concrete countertops, and the metal lower cabinets. The upper cabinets have the same ribbed white laminate that is on my dining table base and entertainment unit to tie the rooms together. The island is too dreamy, and I just adore the bar stools he designed for me.

Basically, I sent Paris the measurements of the space and this is the genius he came up with. Paris, I love it!!! Check out more of Paris' work at his website


  1. That's amazing! Thanks for posting the link to that site, beautiful work.

  2. I am a new blogger and I thought I was having trouble with lighting. I am glad the pros sometimes have the same trouble. I find that I often do my scenes at night so that I cannot get enough light in the "rooms." Thanks for letting us know even the experts have issues from time to time.

  3. Very nice! I'd love to live in a house with a kitchen like that!

    Check out my miniatures at:

  4. Thanks for the compliments! I enjoyed working on your pieces( even though we're not quite finished.) My wife and I are not the best photographers either. In fact, I'd like to give most of the credit to our Canon VIXIA HFS100 which is an HD camera/video recorder. It makes our lives so much easier! As far as lighting goes, shooting during the day is best, and try to avoid shooting into reflective surfaces. Staging is also very important, so try imitating scenes/shots from your favorite design magazines.

  5. Beautiful...can't wait to see the other photos! Melissa

  6. this is a very cool kitchen, but it deserves to be shown with some stuff and food to make it more lively. don't matter the colour, I think we all like to see your gems with a minilovers eye and not as a critic. I would like to encourage you! I apprechiate your blog so much, many thanks and greetings from germany

  7. Wild about the tiles. He has outdone himself again!!! C

  8. Such a lovely kitchen, man! I can not get enough of modern miniature kitchen sets. I'm loving how your Antrim is looking these days and might actually regret giving my kit away.

  9. Wow. This is such a beautiful kitchen. I absolutely love the idea that you can change the splash-back. Fabulous!

  10. I understand about wanting "perfect" photos of our minis, I waste hours myself, and I'm learning every time, but please, don't let fear of your photos not being enough stop from posting, really, I would have been depressed if I had not seen the great back lit kitchen you posted here. It made me feel like I wasn't the only one who was determined to have tiny details like this.

  11. Melissa Paris' work is to die for. Do check out Paris' flickr page for more inspiring pictures of his work.

    Hunky Dory Ah ha ha, "pro"! You are too kind, I think I haven't broken through amateur status yet, but thanks! I as well usually only find time at night when the kids are asleep, so lighting is a huge problem. One of these days I'll find a better solution, but until then, photoshop to the rescue. :)

    Sara good luck on the studio, cool blog!

    Paris As always, thanks for the great tips!!! I'll be in touch soon on the rest of the stuff in progress, work has been BUSY. :D

    Melissa more pics coming, I promise. :)

    Oese thank you! I love how you accessorize your rooms. I'm hoping to find more time to make the rooms more lived in, but there never seems to be enough hours in the day. :)

    Carol I know! Isn't it grand!

    MC Seriously, tell me about it. You can come over any time and regret giving your kit away. :P

    Pepper The removable backsplash was total genius. Paris comes up with some serious great ideas.

    Jaie Thanks for the encouragement. :D I will try to get more pics up, even if they are not as polished as I would like. So glad you like them, the details are pretty incredible.

    mini smiles to all,


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