Thursday, April 14, 2011

Maryann Roy limited 1:12 suites for sale now!

Check out these gorgeous 1:12 scale miniatures Maryann Roy is selling on her blog. She made two sets of each suite and there is also one dresser being sold separately. Full details at:

I've blogged about Maryann before; she is an expert in restoring vintage dolls, has been featured on television and in several magazines, wrote a column on doll restoration and currently is a contributer to Fashion Doll Quarterly magazine, where her articles are on both vintage and modern dolls. Maryann is constantly designing and creating new suites of furniture, but primarily in 1:6 play scale size. These are the first 1:12 suites she is selling. 1:6 is still her first passion, but hopefully we will see more 1:12 from her in the future.

(all images from Maryann Roy. Blog: Website:

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  1. Fun stuff! Thanks for sharing! I love the silk texture in mini. :]


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