Friday, July 4, 2014

Sofas and Sectionals added to minimodernistas 20% off sale

Doris just added her classic sofas and sectionals to her 20% Off Summer Sale. Her signature Long&Low sectional and sofa, Tufted, Tootsie Roll and V-Leg Day Bed sofas are all on sale for 20% off until July 13. These are hands down the best and highest quality sofas in this price range.

Check out all of the sale items and sofas on her sale page here:

I have and love her new Slant Sofa, Big Sphere Lamp and Rug 23 in this scene. Also minimodernistas in this room are the Platform Chair and both Ottomans. SLICE Tilt Coffee Table and book are PRD Miniatures. Sideboard is MiniModels. Pillows are by me. Accessories are by Modern Minis, Dotsan, Re-ment, Ray Storey, CW Lubin, Bucky Balls, Lolly's, and Shellie's Miniature Mania. I have to finish setting up the kitchen so check back for more photos and details on the kitchen and dining room.


  1. Great Scene. Your pillows and 3-D accessories are FABULOUS!

    1. Thanks Cyd! I have a lot of new items but getting them made is taking soooo long. Hope to reveal some new stuff soon.

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