Tuesday, May 13, 2014

There Goes My Baby

There she goes again. I have only seen a few of these kits on ebay over the years selling for closer to $300. This Summer House by Rundquist Miniatures was listed last week at $500 and I was hoping no one would bite at the new $400 starting bid so the price would go lower again, but someone did.

I absolutely love this house, I've lost two auctions for the same kit, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to jump in at $400+. The openings aren't large enough, making the interior difficult to decorate and get furniture in. Plus most of the walls are foam board which I'd probably replace with something sturdier. The kit was made in 1983 and this is the only one I've seen since the last auction I lost in 2011.

Although, if I had won the house would likely still be in the kit. Instead, Karin beat me out and turned it into this beauty that Modern MC posted here. I hope whomever wins this shares their photos, I'd love to see what they do with it.


  1. Oh what a shame, but maybe It will leave space for something awesome!

  2. I can understand your pain...nice house! You will get one or something better. Watch!

  3. I've seen that house before but in 1:1 scale back in the 80's a developer had some hilly land in pasadena and he credited his daughters dollhouse for his home designs Im pretty sure that is the dollhouse (of course I could be just old and crazy like Neely from Valley of the Dolls) it's a very cool dollhouse I wish I had it.


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