Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Last chance - The Citadel by Lolly's now $150 bid!

The Citadel by Lolly's is back on ebay with a lower starting bid of $150 (this time there is no free shipping though). The last ones were selling for around $800-$850 from Lolly directly for this same assembled shell. The seller has health issues and is unable to finish the house, she's located in Lakeville, Connecticut. At the bidding rate, someone might walk away with a steal when the auction ends tomorrow.

This is one of my favorite modern houses. Lolly's mother always had a passion for modern and designed this house, as well as many other houses that Lolly's sells. The first photo is of the original version of The Citadel that still resides at Lolly's in Elgin, Illinois (I went on my trip to Chicago and will be posting pics soon).

Check out the ebay listing here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/271478207891

If you win it, please send me photos of your progress on the house. I wish I had room to make this my own.


  1. Someone will get a great deal! It's showing free shipping on the listing...even better! You should buy it!

    1. I need to defer to ebay aficionados here... I think it says "Free Shipping" in the listing because she is re-listing an item that didn't previously sell and the old listing offered free shipping and maybe she forgot to remove it or you can't remove it unless you pay a new ebay listing fee for a new listing that doesn't advertise "Free Shipping". In the description she says:

      "Shipping at the new lower priced ( as asked ) is the buyers responsibility which must be picked up within 2 weeks due to its sizeI HAVE LOWERED THE PRICE TO LET YOU USE YOUR OWN SHIPPER........I will hold it for a SHORT time 2 weeks to allow you to make arrangements, but I can not do this indefinitely...people have abused this in the past, so now I must state length of time, thank you . SOLD AS IS WHERE IS due to health. SHIPPING IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY>"

      Ebay sellers -
      If you are re-listing an item, can you remove/change the Free Shipping part?

      If you list an item as Free Shipping, but then state in the description it's not free shipping, is that good enough for the item to not have free shipping, or does ebay make you honor Free Shipping if you advertise it that way?

      I have to assume it was the seller's mistake as I'm sure shipping would cost more than $150. I know she's selling for health reasons and when I asked Lolly about it, she said it was a "sad situation". With 1 bid so far and the buy it now price of $350, someone is getting a steal on this house, I just hope the seller gets some money out of it too for her medical needs.

    2. Yes, you can remove the "free shipping" when you relist. I don't think Ebay will make it stick if it's written in the description what the shipping really is. Since it is mostly assembled it will cost a crap load to ship. It would have to ship oversized...most likely over $200 via UPS unless you have a discount. Anyway, someone got a real steal at $150.00. So sad about the seller.

  2. How I wish i'd live in the usa!


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