Thursday, April 18, 2013

More MCHUCLA updates

Sigh, thanks Modern MC, salt in wound. After reading Bungalow 1a's post I am SO regretting I had to cancel my trip to LA.

With donations and the sales of dollhouses, almost $1.8 million was raised at the first Kaleidoscope Ball to benefit the UCLA Mattel Children's Discovery and Innovation Institute. I'm pretty much going to do whatever it takes to go next year.

Head over to Bungalow 1A to see more coverage of the event with some close up shots of the houses:

(Photo from Bungalow 1a)


  1. Dude... that could have been us in the black cocktail dresses... well at least you. ;) CM

  2. @Mini Dork, thank you for such comprehensive coverage of the ball!!

    @My Realitty, hopefully next time both of you can attend!!

  3. I know. Sorry for the lemon and salt rub--ha! Wish they could have had it on a weekend. I also planned to go, but could not ditch my work responsibilities. Gotta pay the bills...

  4. Excuse me while I wipe my mouth...between those houses and LL Cool J...I am now drooling all over my work apron...sighhhhh


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