Tuesday, May 1, 2012

BEFORE - Rooftop

I bought a few other ornaments when CB2 was selling the igloo and reed chairs. I know several of you also bought the tear drop ornament reminiscent of the modfire, but I thought the blue and green wire ornaments could be cool pieces of art.

Deets: ornaments and reed chairs are from cb2.com. Pillows are minimodernistas. Ribb chaise loungers PRD Miniatures. Side tables, IKEA drawer pulls. Accessories are Mighty World. Topiaries are gift from mini2b, can be purchased in sets as photo/place card holders online.


  1. I remember you talking about this at Starbucks. It turned out great as a decorative element. One day I'll make some crafts. What a lazy miniaturist, ey? Ha ha!

    1. Um yeah, I have been sitting on these photos for 3 months. You lazy, please? One snip with a wire cutter, now that's lazy. :P I think we are due for another meet up.


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