Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Melissa's Traditional Modern

Melissa sent me these pictures of a dollhouse she's building from scratch. So far just the first floor, but eventually the spiral staircase will go up to a second floor and then to a roof top deck.

She's been making many items by hand and I wanted to share some of her tips. The fireplace was a package of tiles she put on the fireplace frame. The rug is a plastic weaved placemat she found at Target; I will be keeping my eye out for this one, I love the orange! The coffee table is a tile she picked up at the hardware store and built a frame for it.

The kitchen floor is real peel and stick tiles she cut down to size and the "hardwood" floors are actually peel and stick fake floors she cut into strips, all which were purchased at the hardware store.

It's my dream Sunday for the Mr. to take the kids so I can go wander the aisles at our local hardware store searching for potential modern minis. Great finds Melissa and thanks for sharing.


  1. awesome job so far...some great ideas too!

  2. Incredible. When I look at the larger pictures individually it looks like a real house!


  3. Thanks for sharing Melissa's house!

    And thanks to Melissa for the DIY tip. Real life tiles generally run only $1 or $2. Mini hardwood can be $10 or more. A considerable savings! And I wouldn't be surprised if there are more choices in real life for colors, etc.

    My own favorite cost cutter is to use felt instead of official mini carpet. There are so many color choices and even some very nifty textures out there.

    Of course, what I save on carpet I seem to spend on eBay.

    1. Hi Sandra! The reason for using the peel and stick "wood" from the hardware store is that every time I use the real dollhouse strips, they warp on me! You can cut the tiles any width you want. And yes, I use 100% wool felt from the fabric store for wall to wall's great! Melissa

  4. Wow, that Melissa's got talent. Cutting the peel and stick tile, now why didn't I think of that. I love wondering through the ailes looking for inspiration at Lowes and Home Depot. But I think I might need some new eyes.


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