Friday, March 23, 2012

Antrim Living Room III

I should be making promised minis, replying to emails, or cleaning up actual minis, but instead I'm cleaning up harddrive space to migrate to a new computer. Woo hoo! This old mac has been been slowing me down, so hit the road Mac, you're getting replaced.

These Antrim living room pics are about 8 months old, I just realized I never posted them. I'm hoping this will motivate me to dust off this house and get it set up again.

minimodernistas: long&low sofa and chair, green ottoman, pixel chair and ottoman, pillows, rug and ball clock.
PRD Miniatures: custom fireplace (with fire, video here), Essex Kitchen, Sixx Bar Stools, dining room table, Ayche chairs, painting, Large Rust Pot with Verde Plant.
Accessories: Ferenc Albert, AG Minis, Petite Princess, local DH shop, ebay finds.


  1. I'm going to start calling you "Emily". Totes kidding.
    Love that chair and matching ottoman. And that painting. I just realized that my surprise project is more involved than initially anticipated. But:

    "If a task is once begun, never leave it 'till it's done. Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all."

    Words to live by. And the reason I'm perpetually tardy. Hopefully this week, dude.

    1. LMAO. Doris' pixel chair has always been one of my favorites. Paris and Lisa's artwork is seriously the shizzle. I think they are even better than my camera can do justice to. Perpetually tardy is my middle name. :D


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