Sunday, March 13, 2011

Third times a charm. Back on ebay.

Apparently the latest ebay winner bailed on this house, too. Sellers don't usually put "Local Pick Up Only" unless the really mean it. But for the others of your who bid on it, you have a second chance. The handmade mid-century modern house would be a cool house to refurbish.

Check out the ebay listing here .

(images from ebay listing by dean6659 )


  1. I guess this seller doesn't know about second chance offers? I was the second highest bid the last time around and never heard a peep from him (and would have picked it up, even if it meant a drive down from RWC). Ah well.

  2. That's odd. The seller has been on ebay since Jan 2004, and has positive feedback from 372 transactions, one would think they would know about second chance offers. That sucks. Either they don't know, or they are trying to get a higher winning bid. Good luck, maybe you'll get it for cheaper! (I am definitely not bidding this time, husband said I'd have to get rid of one before adding another and I'm not ready to part with the ones I have.)

  3. I find this so incredibly funny!


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