Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vintage Handmade Mid Century Modern Dollhouse on Ebay

Look what's back on ebay for local pick up only in southern California. I'm so tempted to bid, but there's no way the hubby would make the 6-8 hour drive to go pick it up. To the best of the owners knowledge it was handmade in the 50's/60's. I love the beam ceiling and glass elevator. The lamps look pretty cool as well. This would be fun to refurbish.

Check out the ebay listing here .

The roof top panels are glass and one pivots open. The more I look at it the more I contemplate the drive...

(images from ebay listing by dean6659 )

Updated 2/18
Based on comments, I thought I'd explain a bit more about the drive. Theoretically, San Francisco Bay Area to Riverside, CA is a 7 hour drive, add traffic makes it 8-9 hours. Add my two kids under 4 and you get a 10-11 hour car ride from hell, EACH WAY. The last time we drove to LA (which is closer) we got stuck in traffic and had a 9 hour drive with my youngest crying almost the entire ride. Not much fun.

Then there is the size, the house is 3'4" wide 1'4" deep and 2'10" tall (about 1 meter long, 1/2 meter deep, almost 1 meter tall). I'm not sure where I would be able to fit this house in my house. Every time I get a new house, my husbands first question is, which one am I getting rid of? I really want to keep the 4 I have now, but we don't have enough room for those as is, so I'm not sure I can convince him that I need this one. Sigh.

But the more I think about it, I have a friend that lives an hour from Riverside that might be able to pick it up and store it for me until I could find a way to get down there. And I might be able to talk my dad into the drive as he's from LA and we have family there. Ah man, you people convincing me to bid...


  1. Great house! But the comment about the drive made me laugh. For us folks here over in Holland a 6 to 8 hour drive would mean going to a different country. Six hours would take me to Paris...Eight hours and I could be in Denmark...
    Still, it is a great house. Is it six hours one way? ~Josje~

    I live sooo far away....
    so sorryyy

  3. Repeat after me....make the drive...make the drive...make the drive. Just get hubby a nice bottle of wine, pillow and blanket, and a sandwich from his favorite deli and go get that sucker! Melissa

  4. Ahh you guys are killing me!

    I have always been envious of my European friends who can travel to so many different countries so easily. I'll update my post with the driving details.

    It is a really cool house. So tempting.

    Ah ha ha ha, you crack me up. Now if only I could give the bottle of wine to my kids, then maybe the drive would work. :P


  5. It seems to me like you're convincing yourself to bid lol! And the house does indeed look very cool! Love the elevator!

  6. Wow!!!! This house is so amazing! And starting bid is so small... If you have any possibility to get it, just do it!

  7. Ann
    I am tempted...

    I want it, I'm just not sure how to get it.


  8. I was just ogling that house this morning! We're heading down there at the beginning of April and it's so tempting to ask the seller if they'd hold it until then. Maybe you can plan a little impromptu trip to Disneyland as an excuse?

  9. This modern mini house looks so cool! I am sure my sister gonna love it too. I will show this post to her. Thanks for sharing.



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