Monday, February 7, 2011

Fascination Station

I got my Fascination Station from HBS/ over a week ago, but just found the time to get it out the box. As far as kits go, this looks like the easiest kit to put together I've ever seen. I love that I can tape the whole thing up so I can see where I'm going to make my modifications. From the pictures on the website I didn't realize that the roof was sloped. Looking again I can see the angle, but didn't notice at first, which makes my addition a little tricky. I'm hoping they can add a side view on the website so its obvious. To add a second story, I'm going to have to cut the walls level to get a flat working space.

I'm planning to make the back of the house be the actual entrance. Here is the view of the two rooms. The smaller room has a ceiling height of 8 1/8" that tapers up to 9 1/8". The larger room has a ceiling height of 10 1/4" and tapers up to 11 1/4".

Sadly, in transit between Georgia and California, one corner of the base was split, I'm hoping I can get a replacement base. Overall, I'm impressed with the kit and can't wait to start building my modern version.

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  1. For the base damage, you could always add some wood glue to the cracked areas, and before it dries, sand it down with a wood block and some sandpaper. It will be good as new....You'll never notice once it's painted/detailed.
    Should be a fun project to work on!

  2. To even out the roof you could add a stip like a horizontal window across the back and raise the roof (Oh yeah) to make it even, or level. Like a row of tiny glass bricks legos? Cool project! C

  3. Thanks Anonymous, I might have to do that. I just have this string of luck that I never get anything "NEW". New things I purchase seem to always come with scratches and flaws, and broken corners. With all of the amazing PRD Miniatures and minimodernistas I've gotten new the have been flawless, I was hoping my luck didn't extend to my miniature life, but curses, I would get the busted kit. Just my luck.

    Carol Raise the roof! Ha. Good idea.

    Mini smiles,


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