Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Wilson House - shrine to mid century laminate

Retro Renovation is an incredible blog focused on mid-century modern renovation. I've visited the site over the years for design ideas and inspiration, but I missed the posts on The Wilson House. Maryann Roy sent me the link to this cool video about the house. Last year she made a miniature of the living room with the motiff on the wall for Barbie, but you can see the real living room in the video and pictures linked below.

Cool video "The Wilson House - shrine to mid century laminate" »
More pictures of The Wilson House »

Thanks for the scoop, Maryann!

Maryann is still a Barbie girl, but she did create this beautiful 1:12 bedroom set for a local charity auctioning off a dollhouse last year. Looks like we're not the only ones wanting more 1:12 from Maryann. I blogged before about some of her work here, but you can see more of Maryann's gorgeous 1:6 scale "neo-retro furnishings for fashion dolls" on her site here

(images from Retro Renovation and Maryann Roy)


  1. Thanks for the post Megan!

    I'd love to do some more mirrored pieces in 1:12. Perhaps we can have a sign up for those interested?

    Maryann :)

  2. I LOVE Maryann's work and check her blog religiously. Honestly, its getting to the point where I want to make stuff for barbie because of her! >_<

    PS... it looks like the "houston lofts" commenter is a spammer >=(

  3. Maryann I'll post a new topic to see how many folks would be interested in a 1:12 mirrored piece. I am for sure!

    Ann Grr, thanks, I'm deleting all of "huston lofts" comments. I try to leave the settings so its easy to post, but everyone once in awhile I get spammers. Anyway, Maryann's work totally makes me want Barbie size stuff too. Her blog is great.

    Mini Smiles,

  4. Thanks Megan for this post and informations.
    I wiil go to have a look in Maryann's blog!


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