Monday, July 19, 2010

Who won the contemporary dollhouse plans?

Argh!!! I forgot to bid. Who won the "CONTEMPORARY" DOLL HOUSE PLANS on ebay?

The plans were designed in the 70's by Doll Domiciles out of Atlanta, Georgia. Its a 1:12 scale two story dollhouse with car port. Looks like it could be a fun project to build. If you won it PLEASE post photos somewhere when you build it.

(image from ebay seller 1950carla0)


  1. Wow looks like my project. Would have loved to peruse these plans.
    Never posted here before loving the blog though I check in most days.

  2. Rats! Always assumed they were a standard Dee's Delights spotty catalogue inclusion so never bought them...

    Damn. Will now have to make my own up.

  3. Hi there! Just ordered my Brinca dollhouse thru FAO Swartz. I emailed Brinca (I had preordered with them) to ask if they would prefer I waited on them and they said go ahead and order thru FAO. FAO is discounting its shipping charges so it was just a bit over the $300.00 range. I haven't seen any price on the newest dollhouse from them....any ideas on price? Now, I just have to figure out a place to set up the darn thing...and maybe the second one when it becomes available! Just thought I would let you know! Melissa

  4. Hi Justin
    Thanks for your comment. I would LOVE to see pictures of your project, what scale? Thanks for reading, I seem to always be behind in posts but hope to get some new stuff up this weekend. :D


    I know! I had seen the house before but didn't know it was by Doll Domiciles. Good luck on making up plans. I've been dying to try that, but haven't found the time yet. Some day. :)


    Congrats on the shipping deal on your Emerson. I have heard a few people have ordered, but have not seen anyone's photos yet. Please send pictures when you get them. Lundby furniture should fit well and Mini Modernistas and PDR Miniatures are now working in 1:18, so you can contact them for modern minis as well. The Bennett will retail for closer to $499-$599 USD, according to Callsmall's article in newseltter.

  5. Min Dork

    I have sent an email with piccys etc

    Hope you like!


  6. I will send you pics of the Emerson once I get the time to put it together...there are quite a few pieces!! Thanks for letting me know that Lundby furniture will fit. It just so happens I am overloaded with Lundby stuff and I was thinking about trying to sell the extra pieces...won't now until I put this sucker together. Husband will have to move a TV so I have a place to put it!!! He won't be happy. hee hee hee!

  7. I'm the lucky winner of the contemporary dollhouse plans! They are actually two pages of blue-line prints, and are not the clearest to read, but I'm excited to work on the house and furnish it with more of Paris' creations!
    By the way, love the blog!

  8. Hey Anonymous (Melissa?)
    People are dying to see the Emerson, so any pictures will be much appreciated. Is it a kit? For some reason I thought it came assembled. Would you mind describing how much assembly is required?

    You lucky dog. Do you have a blog? PLEASE send picture of your progress along the way. Building from plans is challenging, but if you ever have questions along the way, I'd be happy to post and see if people have answers for you. I think many people are excited to see this house. Congrats and thanks for reading! :)

    Mini Smiles,

  9. Hey Mini Dork, I just won a set on eBay tonight from that same seller. Thanks for the tip! I'll post when I get them!


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