Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ultimate Paris Wish List

In coming up with a wish list for Paris, I put random furniture in the house to get a better sense of the function of each room, but a far cry from the designs I envision. The more I think about all of the things I'd like Paris to help me with on the Atrim dollhouse, the longer the list grows. My dear husband surprised me with increasing the budget for this project, so instead of my original plan to just do the flooring, I'll be able to pimp out this pad more than expected. So here it is, the "Ultimate Paris Wish List". It may not all happen right away, but it's going to happen as budget and time allow.

Flooring Throughout
Ground Floor: Dark wide plank hardwood floors throughout,
2nd Floor Bathroom: tile,
2nd Floor Office with stairs: carpet,
2nd Floor Master bedroom with bathroom: natural birch,
3rd Floor Lounge: carpet,
3rd Floor Bedroom: carpet,

Spiral Staircase 2 flights

Living room window: 21/2 x 141/8,
Bathroom window: 2 x 31/2

4 small doors: 3 1/16 x 7 1/16 (3 interior, 1 from lounge to patio),
2 large doors: 3 1/16 x 7 9/16 (front door and master bedroom to patio door)

I hadn't thought much about the exterior, but Paris had this great idea for the windows. He also suggested adding some paneling to give the house more architectural details instead of just being a plain white box.
Paris found this incredible idea for the staircase. I LOVE it! Mine will probably be white with walnut treads to match the furniture on the ground floor. Paris has actually been looking to make spiral staircases, as he's had requests for them for his pods, and there just aren't any modern spiral staircases on the market.

I love the doors Paris made for the FR8 House, I totally want those.


Dining room
6-8 top dining table,

Kitchen wall unit,
Island with room for barstools

We went with the kitchen and dining room combo with the fireplace instead of the front door, mainly because you're just not going to find a modern house in real life where the front door opens to the kitchen. Plus bad feng shui. I want a big dining table to make this the perfect house for entertaining. I love these dark wood floors and the two-tone table and buffet I found online here. I LOVE this kitchen, and not just because it's green, but combined with the white and dark it just has that wow factor. I can't wait to see what Paris comes up. We're looking to do walnut and white to match all of the furniture.

Paris had a great idea to extend the fireplace, creating a bigger focal point at the end of the dining table. Here is a sample he sent of a cool option. Paris also sent this shelving unit from Ligne Roset that would look cool on the partition wall.

Living room
Entertainment unit,
PRD sectional couch,
PRD metallic tribal cubes,
shelving unit

I'm still trying to decide what to do with this space, so I'm not certain what I want yet. The blue circle is wear the spiral staircase will go. Paris sent this cool idea for an entertainment unit. I'm going to keep playing around with the layout to see what feels right.

Master Bedroom & Bath
Platform bed,
Exposed cabinets/open closet,
Semi open room divider/sink/counter top,
Single vanity with tub/shower and toilet

For the master bedroom, I found this incredible open bathroom design, that I simply must have. Paris suggested putting and a flat screen TV on the opposite side of the suspended mirror. Genius! He thinks of all the great details. Poorly constructed cardboard mock up was just for me to see if there was enough space.


Entertainment Unit,
seating TBD

I'm also still trying to figure out what to do with these rooms. The hallway office, will probably have a shelving unit for a library and computer desk and chair. The third floor lounge / man cave / bar is also still undefined for now. Suggestions?

Bed with M.U.T.T. headboard and night stands,
maybe a tan leather chaise,
Walk in closet or wardrobe unit,
maybe a pine vanity and matching wood cube (depends on space plan)

I currently have the M.U.T.T. floor mirror and M.U.T.T. bench with angle leg, so I asked Paris for a bed to match and he suggested making a bed with a M.U.T.T. headboard so there would be three matching elements in the room. M.U.T.T. stands for Made Using Tossed Trimmings.

cool vanity,
separate tub,
stand up shower,
recessed lighting

Apparently, I really like black and white bathrooms. I haven't talked to Paris about this room yet, so there are a lot of ideas here and I'll need his help to reign them in and use what works best. The biggest thing I like, is the large picture with the recessed lighting coming from the dropped ceiling. Pretty cool, right? I also love the bathtub in this pic, especially if I left the back wall white and the side walls dark.

In the photo with a bit of red and the pool, I really love the long black rectangular tiles on the walls. Next to that, I like how the stand up shower and tub are on the far wall separated by the bench/storage unit perpendicular to the vanity.

I pretty much want the roof top to look like the pool area from the FR8 House.
Roof top
M112 Pod Pool
M112 Pod deck
2 Ribb Chaise in white
a couple of the tall white and shorter ribbed ceramic pots with plants


  1. I talked to PR about a pool for my MH1. He says he can make them custom...Is there real water in this picture. xoxo CM

  2. Plexiglass. On film I think it looks more like water than real water does. Plus no mess. Can't wait to see one in real life. Here are details from the PRD Miniatures website:

    "The M112 POD Pool is a cut down shipping container with a Plexiglas top to mimic the "glass" look of water. The pool has two drains in the bottom and can be finished either in a blue tile or concrete finish. The exterior of the pool is available in all the same finishes as our M112 POD houses."

    And custom indeed. The M112 POD Pools are 8"x20" but I might need mine a little smaller to fit on the roof. Paris is totally customizable.

  3. Love the master bedroom and bath look (and the reference photos!).... seems like you have a much better idea of what you're planning.... cant wait to see the finished product.

    PS. I need to get off my butt and start working on my projects *sigh*

  4. My favorite is that staircase. I have never seen a spiral stair with the center support at a slant like that. Genius

  5. It was fun taking the wish list tour around the house! So many great ideas.
    I love the kitchen with lots of limegreen elements, since it's my favourite colour. It always puts me in a good mood, and my kitchen has lime green walls and lot of limegreen utensils.

    I have seen a shelf quite similar to the one with sloping shelves, I love it and have wondered if I would manage to make one in miniature, even though I of course lack the skills of Paris.

    And I really love the last bathroom! At least in miniature, I think I would turn taking a shower into a shady business if my bathroom had black walls:-)

  6. Ha! Love it Ann. My butt is on the couch right now. Trying to decide between HGTV Design Star or Comic Last Standing episodes in my Hulu queue. I figure I won't have much time once we select final materials.


    Hey Mini Pig,
    I know that slanted staircase is really incredible, but sadly I don't believe it will work in my house as the circle hole is already cut out and is much wider than the square cut out in this picture. Plus, I have two stories, so for engineering purposes, I think mine will have to be straight. I do love the open treads with no railing. Did I mention this is a kid free house? This will be the dream house I would have had if I struck it rich in the dot com boom before I had any.


    Hi Pubdoll!
    Glad you liked the tour. So much going on, it's hard to keep track, so I'm trying to keep it all together to keep the house is cohesive. I love the green in that kitchen but seeing it side by side with the walnut and white dining room set, I'm having doubts. Luckily, Paris will help steer me in the right direction so the dining and kitchen work together.

    The clock is ticking for my package of samples from Paris to arrive.

    I think the bathroom is going to be hot in mini! In 1:1 I would also be a little sketched out to shower surrounded by creepy dark walls. But looks great from here.


  7. Anne (frenchplaymo)July 16, 2010 at 6:02 AM

    So many furnitures to choose!
    You're right when you say it could be house of a my dream too...
    If you ask for suggestions (very flattered for us as you asked Paris too, Nelson desk would be great in the office place (I have a crush on that desk) in my opinion.
    Hope you received your furnitures and wait to see more pics!

    Anne (frenchplaymo)


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