Saturday, July 31, 2010

mini modern dollhouse by m+ddesign

David Lee sent me a sneak peek of the final designs of his mid century modern dollhouse co-developed with Matias Ocana. The mini modern dollhouse is for 3.5" dolls and is close to 1:18 scale. It is made out of eco-friendly woods, durable fastening methods for structural strength, and they softened the edges to make it child safe. It features an integrated carrying handle so it can be transportable and the open-roof design allows play in the open or closed position.

They do not have immediate plans to produce furniture, only the mini modern dollhouse. They are currently ramping up production for the house to be available in October 2010. For more information please contact David through his website

(all images from David Lee Design)


  1. This is a lovely little house, thanks for sharing!

    But since I'm a bit obsessed with scales I want to make a little correction:-) I don't know about the others, but both Brincadada and PRD's miniatures will be in 1:16 scale which equals 3/4" scale(1:18 equals 2/3") (I just checked PRD's website to confirm before I wrote this) And I would say Lundby is 1:16 scale too, I have infact sent a mail to Lundby complaining they state they are 1:18 scale, because they're not! :-) Some of their items are even a bit bigger than 1:16 and closer to a 1:15 scale.

  2. Doh! Thanks Pubdoll, you are so right. I just deleted my error. This is what happens when I post too late at night. I haven't ventured outside of 1:12 yet, so I've got to get them figured out. :)

  3. Sea cual sea la escala de la casa, es impresionante el diseño y la accesibilidad para poder verla de diferentesmaneras.
    Besitos, May

  4. ¡Es muy original! Voy a ver su página, me ha encantado. Clara

  5. Oooo what a great design! I love the patio and the clever structure. Very interesting! C

  6. Oh dang! Another one to buy! Anybody have any ideas on how I can hide these new dollhouses from Hubby? Melissa

  7. doris/minimodernistasAugust 1, 2010 at 3:03 PM

    Neat! Do you know what it will cost? And where they ship from?
    Thanks for showing this.

  8. Gracias, May.
    Es un diseño muy fresco y accesible. Me alegra que te guste. (Traducción del Google Translator)

    Hola Clara
    Es una casa muy original. Me alegro de que te gusta mi blog, gracias por leer! (Traducción del Google Translator)

    Hey CM
    I love the mid century modern look to it, and think the design is very interesting as well. :)

    If you find a way to hide these from hubby, do share. Sadly they always seem to notice the ones bigger than a shoe box. :D

    Hi Doris
    David Lee is down in your neck of the woods (LA area), I'll email him to confirm where they are shipping them from. Last I checked they were still working out manufacturing costs to come up with a final price.


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