Monday, July 5, 2010

Good thing #3

Ask and Paris answers.
A few weeks ago I was asking for suggestions on flooring for my Antrim house. I know I don't always read every comment on everyone else's posts, so here are the comments from Paris Renfroe of PRD Miniatures I had to share as I think I'm not the only one interested in Paris's work:
"I can make floors of any dimension, any species that are perfectly scaled. The price is reasonable too, as I use a laser cutting machine to mill my parts. All I would need is the floor plan dimensions or paper template. I could even sand them down for you, and let you finish them off. I will be cutting custom tiles from various laminates too, and selling them by the square foot. I'm here to help, and the advice/quotes are free. To give you an example, a walnut floor, with 1/4"-1/2" planks would be $30 per square foot, plus shipping. The sky is the limit people!
Here is an image of the double Pod with walnut floors

This room is 16" x 20", so it's about 2 1/2 square feet, or about $75. If that's too steep, then I can cut the pieces for you for half the price, ship them to you, and you can glue/sand/and finish them yourself. It's actually pretty easy, and it's a lot of fun. So I recommend you try to do it yourself, but if you don't feel mechanically inclined, then send me an email with your specs. More images can be seen at"

So, good thing #3 this week is meeting Paris (albeit over the phone) and taking him up on his offer. He should receive my floor plans tomorrow (construction paper taped together) and then we are off and running to make the most out of this house.

This house is so huge, it has been a bit intimidating as to where to start and what to do with the floor plan. With Paris's design background he has a lot of insight as to what will work well and look good. Plus he has a lot of tricks to making things, and making them look real that he's willing to share. I've been a huge fan of his miniatures since first seeing them on MiniModern, but until now hadn't realized the full range of services he offers. I'm really looking forward to working with Paris and excited to blog all about it. Much more to come (hardwood floors, tiles, doors, kitchen, bathroom, spiral staircase... I may have to rename it the Paris House).

In other news, Paris is building a line or two in 3/4 (1:18) scale for not only the Emerson and the Bennet Houses, but he is also doing a line of custom car showrooms in 1:18 scale for diecast collectors. Just think "mini Man Caves" complete with electronics like Paris' TRIO media players and bose desktop system. I'm never going to own a real lamborghini or ferrari, but I could pimp out a mini garage with one! That might actually get my husband to hang out in my mini houses.


  1. Excellent! So glad you are working with Paris on this. The end result will be gorgeous. :)

  2. About $30 bux for a 16"x20" room is pretty good.. it costs about the same amount of money on those clapboard floors, but I'm sure it doesn't look half as nice, since I'm sure the wood selection would be better with Paris.

    And.. um whoa! a designer who is THAT available to help you out on a project? That is NEAT!

  3. A "mini man-cave" hah!
    I'm looking forward to seeing the design of your new house as it progresses.

  4. Callsmall - I know! I'm so glad he dropped me a line. I was about to hit Home Depot and see what I could find, but I was not looking forward to hand cutting all of the floor boards and I'm sure it would have been no where as nice. Working with Paris, the quality is going to be top notch! Can't wait.


    Ann - This house means so much to me, and I was worried about making mistakes in interior selections, but I know Paris is going to help me make it fabulous. He has so many great ideas that will make life so much easier for us DIY folks. I truly am a novice, so it will be great to get floorboards and tiles along with advice on how to best put it all together, and at such a great price. We've just gotten started and I can't recommend Paris enough. Much more to come...

  5. Hey Mini Pig - Thanks! I was in a bit of a funk not sure where to start, but now that I'm working with Paris, I am completely vamped to get designing. :D

  6. ooo la la! This will be hot! CM

  7. Your Antrim house looks great so far, looking forward to seeing it with the floors from Paris.
    I made the floor in Nora and Helmer's basement livingroom myself from popstickle sticks, but it was a lot of work and not nearly as beautiful as Paris' floors. So I think buying floors from him must be well worth the money spent.


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