Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All about the Antrim

I contacted Kari the owner of Earth and Tree Dollhouses and Miniatures in New Hampshire to find out more about the Antrim Dollhouse and it's other owners. I bought the last kit in November of 2007 on clearance for $125. Turns out there were only 12 kits made. One of the shop employees, Melodie, sent photos of her Antrim to Modern MC when she inquired about the house back in 07. All of the houses at Earth and Tree were originally designed by Kari's husband, Tom Berkner (Tom's Mill). He named all of his houses after towns in New Hampshire. Tom passed away in 2005. Kari's son-in-law Ryan now builds the kits and houses for the company. The Antrim is no longer available, but Earth and Tree continues to sell the contemporary Merrimack dollhouse, inspired by a house in Minnesota.

Here are a ton of photos with all of the dimensions for Paris and I to reference as we add the custom floors and features to this house. Yes there are way more measurements than necessary but I went a little OCD. Tomorrow I will post photos with some layout ideas and more information on designs in progress. Front view and Patio details

Entrance and both sides of house

Living Room

Dining Room & Kitchen


Exterior Bathroom Window. Office / Hallway / TBD

Master Bedroom with en suite bathroom

Lounge / Man Cave / Rec Room


Roof Top


  1. doris/minimodernistasJuly 14, 2010 at 9:17 AM

    I really love your revisions to the house...they really bring it into a truly modern environment.

  2. There is no such thing as too many measurements! I am looking forward to seeing the designs you and Paris create for this house.

  3. I agree with Mini Pig. When I measure rooms and try to draw them afterwards I almost always wish I had taken more measurements, but it seems you should be well covered there :-)

    Love to the see the designs as they progress as well!

  4. Very exact. Love the attention to detail. CM

  5. Thanks ladies! It's all in the details, right? Samples from Paris should be here Friday, I can barely contain myself. I can't wait to share more details. More photos coming... :D

  6. Anne (frenchplaymo)July 16, 2010 at 5:54 AM

    god! can't believe this house had so many rooms. It seems to be a great house!

  7. You did a fantastic Job I love it Tom would have been floored by the detail you put into it
    I love my Antrum and wouldn't change a room but Would love to start a new one and get the details the way I really wanted to Great job.

    Melodie earth and tree

    1. Thank you so much Melodie!!! It is an incredible house, Tom did a phenomenal job designing, cutting and creating easy to assemble plans to build it. I am so grateful to Tom and everyone at Earth and Tree Miniatures & Dollhouses. You guys do incredible work!! THANKS!


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