Friday, June 4, 2010

Skea modern paper houses

My Realitty found this and I just had to post more pictures. It’s a paper model of a house, intended to be burned as a gift to the dead in Chinese funeral rites. I hope I don't have to die to have something this cool. The paper house effigies, featured in a article, are made by, a Taiwanese company.

I really love these designs and will more than likely borrow some of these ideas in a couple of houses I plan to build. The first house is the "smart living apartment No.2" click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the page to see additional pictures. Click through all of the smart living houses to see different interiors and bathrooms.

Above is the "Angux & J.Yean Design Luxurious Mansion".

Next is the "single story house". Don't you just love that bathroom? Bubble bath and all.

Above is the "Luxurious mansion".

They even have a green house "Thermal Green Hill House".

Taking it to the coast is their "Cape No. 7 Beach House".

I love the roof top pool on "Breeze Garden Luxurious Mansion".

I like the staircase in the "Glory House".

I take it back, I like these open stairs better in the "Thermal House Breeze".

I wouldn't call this Victorian, but I see the idea from the wallpaper and flourishes in "Victorian Thermal House".

There are a few more on the site. The larger house is the "European style house sunshine" and the smaller one "Dubai Maritime 21".

I like the karaoke bar as well, I might try to do something similar with the tile like wallpaper "KTV BAR".

(story from article, images from the Taiwanese company


  1. Ok guys ,
    I definetly want one while I'm alive and kicking to play with. So when can I get one and how much will it cost?????( I don't understand chinese!)
    It looks so perfect and the inerior isn't all paper!
    Thanks for showing this. Great mail.
    Best Regards

  2. just incredible!
    what a treasure-chest your blog is!
    these houses were outstanding, even if they were not from paper, but this is the greatest thing. Okay, I said I don't like the furniture of the MoMA-Set, but this is another story.
    Wow, I'll have to draw hours of hours to keep all this treasures in my heart. hope to find the time to make copies in 1:144 some day.

    lots of love and minihugs from germany

  3. Well... actually I think they cost thousands of dollars. They are for the very rich dead. A grand tribute but someone check it out further :) CM

  4. Oh PS don't let my children get confused and burn my doll houses when I kick the proverbial bucket...

  5. Wow these are fabulous and made out of paper? Gosh, now that's what I call oregami

  6. ...I don't think I could burn these.

  7. Egad! $440 - $5,000 for these. Whoa!
    I guess I'll just enjoy the pictures...

  8. Neomig - I would love one of these, but I'll have to make one as I think you would only get a few uses out of it no matter how careful you are. Paper just doesn't stand up for very long. :)

    Oese - Thank you for your lovely comments. They are pretty amazing. I hope to build one in 1:12, but I can't wait to see one of these in your 1:144 collection. Minihugs right back at you. :D

    My Realitty - How did you even stumble across this article? These houses are so cool! I promise I won't let your kids burn your dollhouses.

    Janice - Serious origami indeed. Definitely the most fabulous paper houses I've seen.

    Modern MC - Hey there!! Yay, I think I would cry if I saw one of these go up in smoke, but that would be one heck of a tribute. With the sticker price on these, I will have to settle for ogling the pictures as well.

  9. Magnifique!
    I don't know enough words in English...just brilliant!
    Would ike to know more about people who draw and build these houses.

  10. Wow so cool. Now I want to make doll houses :)

  11. doris/minimodernistasJune 15, 2010 at 4:56 PM

    Hey all,
    Does anyone know what scale these are?? Do tell, please. Sooo pricey, but beautiful!

  12. OMG!!! Way to go, hope the dearly departed like 'em, 'cos I sure do.

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