Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ira Grandberg house back on ebay

The Vintage 1976 Mini-Modern Dollhouse built from Ira Grandberg's plans is back up on ebay at a lower price. Fore more details on the house see my previous post or "My Vintage Dollhouses and Other Treasures" blog post.

Starting bid has dropped from $800 to now $275. ebay listing here. Will there be any takers this time?

Updated 7/4: Only 2 days left at the new price of $225 new ebay listing.


  1. And now it's back on for $225! If it wasn't a top loader, I'd snag it! See:

  2. $225! Argh. If only I lived on the East Coast. The craftsmanship looks great in the photos. I hope it goes to happy home with a camera so we might see photos of it again.


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