Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Keep the emails coming

I just wanted to say thanks for all of the emails, tips and comments! I do read them even though I disappear frequently, I will be blogging more soon. Eventually, I will get my backlog of photos up on this blog. I randomly have only blogged 33 posts a year, I plan to break that this year. Between the kids, work and volunteer obligations, I haven't been able to find the time finish the KHouse, but here is a sneak peak of one of the rooms I'm working on. Room details to come in next post. To be continued...


  1. It looks great!!! Love modern DH.

  2. Its lovely :-)
    i really like how nice and airy it looks and the way the light shines thru' the house! I can't wait to see the rest of it :-)

  3. I'm not getting this house...really. Not me I have too many houses as it is, and I mean that, really. Really. CM

  4. Thanks all. I really LOVE this house. I just need to find more time for it.
    CM- I have to say that as far as getting a dollhouse in a box, the Kaleidoscope House is EASY to put together and start decorating. Considering I have two other dollhouses still in pieces, it really is a few short hours to assemble. That being said, it does take up a lot of space. 31"x23" and 24" tall. Mine is sitting on top of our dresser as we have no better space for it. I'll post more photos soon. :D


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