Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brinca Dada - Emerson House

Are you kidding me!?!? Have you seen this modern and eco-friendly dollhouse by Brinca Dada? Of course you have, it was all the buzz last month, but that's what I get for tuning out for the past few months. CallSmall blogged a great post with links to all of the other posts on this house plus more information from one of the heads of the company, Doug Rollins read more here.

The Emerson House by Brinca Dada will be available in June 2010. They are currently taking pre-orders for $299!

Description from their website
"Newly listed, the Emerson House is the perfect home for the modern family. The home has six rooms including a living room, kitchen, library/office, master bedroom, bathroom and child's bedroom. With its large, open floor plan and floor-to-ceiling windows, the Emerson House enjoys year-round sunlight. The modern house features many extras including mitered-glass corners, two fireplaces, sliding glass doors, solar panels, and recessed LED lights. Finally, the house is easy on the environment with only non-toxic and lead-free wood stains and paints."

Brinca Dada also has a line of living room furniture that will be coming this spring. I am in love with their chairs and couch.

"A beautiful house deserves beautiful furniture. This living room set creates the perfect atmosphere for entertaining guests, reading a good book or relaxing with family. The set features eleven pieces including TV console, lamps, HD television, sofa, chairs, coffee table, console, side table and rug. Thank heavens for little luxuries."

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  1. Hey! Glad to see you posting again! There was lots of buzz on this in February, and I am personally thrilled to see such a great-looking house (even if it is 1:16). :) I interviewed the owner and posted on it, here:

  2. D'oh! thanks CallSmall. I seriously picked the wrong months to take a break. I can't believe I missed all the buzz. Thanks for the link, I added to post. If this venture goes well, I'm betting 1:12 may be in the works for adult collectors. I mean at least give us that chair in 1:12!!!

  3. Is a more than beautiful modern dollhouse!!!


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