Saturday, January 9, 2010

And so it begins...

Well, it's a start. The first picture is just to show the room layout. The rooms are slowly coming together, but as soon as I photograph it, I want to change it. Half the fun I guess. Lighting is an issue, I'll be working on that. More to come.

Furniture: Le Corbusier chairs from; Blue Chairs - Ideal Petite Princess line 1964-1965; round plastic coffee table is $2 bin from TAP Plastics; TV - Hallmark ornament (Modern MC tip); TV stand is a Fisher-Price 1:16 scale coffee table; White couch is the Jasper Morrison sofa from "Bozart Kaleidoscope White Living Room" plus white coffee table in corner (check ebay for $45); clear glass coffee table is from "Bozart Kaleidoscope Green Living Room" (check ebay for $15); black/white lamps and pillows are from 2 "Bozart Kaleidoscope House Accessories" sets; metal and plastic end tables flanking Jasper Morrison couch - ebay find. Other Stuff: lamp in corner and circle rug from AG Mini's blue room and purple room (MC tip); glasses/trays/food from Mighty World Town Cafe (MC tip); red rug is hand painted canvas by Andi Neill - craigslist find.


  1. Wow, it's just amazing!
    I love every K-House and I love the different styles all you owners furnish it. The blue chairs are so nice and I love the kitchen not overloaded with appliances.
    a feast for the eyes, thanks!

  2. So great we can finally see pictures from you Kaleidoscope house! Very nice set up and I love the furniture! Couldn't find the maker of the sofa table in glass and metal, do you know who it is?

  3. So nice to see how you're setting things up! Looks great! The Petite Princess chairs don't looked dwarfed in the space, either -- it's nice you used a mix of scales! Looks like the coffee table Pubdoll inquired about is Bozart.

  4. Oese, thank you for the kind words. Glad you like it. :)

    Good eye Callsmall, yes indeed its Bozart.

    Pubdoll, opps. I just updated the list of stuff in the post. I was up too late last night. :P Of course all of the stuff I forgot to list is the actual Bozart accessories made for the house. You can buy most of them on ebay still new in the box. Just search for "Bozart" every few weeks and most of the stuff is $15 except that white sofa is $45. Some sellers have outrageous prices on them, but keep checking.

    For non US readers: if you have problems with sellers that won't ship worldwide, email me, I may be able to get it your you and mail it you. Maybe in exchange you could help me with some DHE items that don't ship to the US. :)

  5. Brilliant! My love for the Kaleidoscope house, just got deeper! I love how your house looks and the little touches, the TV is a great Idea
    I love the furniture too!

  6. Thanks Natalie! I've been buying stuff online ever since I started this blog, but never had a place to put them until now. I didn't realize how much furniture I have. I have a ton of chairs. I'm still a little light on accessories. I'm repainting some vases and building frames for some photos, so once that is done I'll add another set of photos.


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