Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lutyens House

Lutyens House is a beautiful Arts and Crafts from DHE based on the designs of Sir Edwin Lutyens who designed Queen Mary's dolls' house on view at Windsor Castle. I especially love the fireplaces.

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I love the design of this new Dolls House Emporium 1930's house, Mountfield. It has four opening panels to access the seven rooms. But I particularly love the large openings between the living room, dining room and kitchen.

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Oak Hurst Gardens

If I ever move to the suburbs, I'll get this modern suburban home from DHE Oak Hurst Gardens. I love the additional wing with the sliding French doors on the converted garage.

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Amber House

Dolls House Emporium introduced the new Amber House. Although I'm not a huge fan of the style of the house, the concept wins me over. The "ready to play" house is fully painted and internally wallpapered so all you have to do is screw it together and you're done. For $226, I wish all dollhouse kits could be so easy.

DHE offers several houses with this Quickstyle fully painted and externally decorated approach, which makes the build process sooo much easier, if you can afford it.

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More DHE Dreaming

I love the new Bachelor Pad Kitchen from Dolls House Emporium in red and black! I love the display shelves and the half dome wall lights and of course the all-in-one kitchen and island.

The original City Style kitchen has blue doors and lightwood counter tops.

A few other DHE favorites are the Style Statement Living Room

Family Room Living Room

Fun Bedroom

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Ocean Drive Day Dreaming

I finally got around to perusing the new Dolls House Emporium catalog and would have loved to have bought the Funky Bathroom Set CE seen in the new Ocean Drive house. Sadly, this is not available to US customers, so I'd have to beg my friend in the UK to ship for me again.

Mini Modern blogged about the new Ocean Drive dollhouse and shipping dilemma in September. I can only hope this will become available soon. I do love how modern furniture can completely change the look of this open floor plan house in the Junior Collection. I wish this was in my living room.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Interesting collection on eBay

As the layers of dust collect on my current projects in the garage, this unique collection of dollhouses makes me contemplate acquiring another one to renovate and modernize. Some of these houses are completely traditional, but I had fun looking and imagining what they could become. The live auctions start on November 20th. I'll be watching a few. (All images from James D. Julia, Inc. on eBay)

I love the architecture, especially the bay windows.
CHRISTIAN HACKER DOLLS' HOUSE WITH BAY WINDOWS. Christian Hacker two story house with unusual front, two bays and large dormer on roof and over hanging front porch. House is painted a soft tan with white trim and it has the original lithographed papered roof. Sides of the house have brick paper and the back is painted white. The house opens from the front and has four rooms with interconnecting doors. House is partially furnished with Schneegas furniture. SIZE: 31" t x 28" w x 19" d. PROVENANCE: From the Estate of Geraldine Gaba, Scottsdale, AZ. CONDITION: Good. Wallpaper appears to be original, trim work, side brick work and floor papers are possible replacements.  One door missing. Front of house has had some restoration. (Estimate $2,000-3,000. Starting bid $1,000.) Sold for $2,500.

I thought this could make a great apartment building, but no room for bathrooms. I do love the elevator.
LARGE CONTEMPORARY DOLL HOUSE. Outstanding three story house with bay windows, two balconies, six large rooms, attic, even a hand operated elevator. Front opens from front in two large sections. Painted in cream and blue with peaked red roof. An impressive accomplishment. SIZE: 63" h x 49" w x 24" d. PROVENANCE: From the Estate of Geraldine Gaba, Scottsdale, AZ. CONDITION: Very good to excellent. (Estimate $1,000-2,000. Starting bid $500.) Ebay says it sold for $1, but I can't imagine that being correct.

MAGNIFICENT TEN ROOM MYSTERY DOLLS' HOUSE. Circa 1890. An incredible dolls' house with ten rooms! Considered one of the finest American dolls' houses and sold by F.A.O. Schwartz of New York City, this was one of the largest in a series of Mystery Dolls' Houses sold in the 1890's. The term "Mystery" Dolls' House was given by Flora Jacobs as the maker has never been identified. This particular house has the gambrel roof and has the carved shingles on the main roof as well as the wing on the right side. Painted a soft cream color with black chamfered wood (often referred to as tramp art), this art embraces decoration on all three sides. If you look closely at the base and roof lines, you will be amazed by the many moldings carved in various shapes and coordinating colors. There are two entrances; one going into the main part of the house and the other going into the wing. The house has four sections that open to reveal eight rooms! All the rooms have lovely wallpaper, baseboards and raised panel interconnecting doors. The wonderful floors are often referred to as parquet floors but are actually scored and hand painted to look like parquet. An elaborate staircase with an alcove is found under the staircase. Additional attic rooms are in the openings on the roof, there is a dormer on the front that opens, a window that opens on the side of the gambrel roof and a window that opens in the back; all having small rooms. SIZE: Overall house is 39-1/2" t x 59" w x 24-3/4" d. PROVENANCE: From the Estate of Geraldine Gaba, Scottsdale, AZ. CONDITION: Good to very good. Replaced scalloped trim work at ceiling level of each room, wallpapers in both hallways seem to be original and other rooms appear to have replacement paper. Exterior cream facades are repainted and some trim on interior appear repainted. The small raised panel door entering the wing is unhinged. (Estimate $10,000-15,000. Starting bid $5,000.) Sold for $7,500.

LARGE HOMEMADE DOLLS' HOUSE WITH STAINED GLASS. Exterior of house has been repainted to resemble stucco with a painted dark red roof having two chimneys. The house opens from the front, a large center hall opens in two parts with a staircase and stained glass windows on the landing of the staircase. There are four large rooms, two large halls with a staircase. The house has a gray stone foundation with matching front steps. The front windows of the house are trimmed with flower boxes. The house has been electrified and a lock and key are found on the front entrance to lock up the entire house. SIZE: 49" t x 48" w x 21-1/2" d. PROVENANCE: From the Estate of Geraldine Gaba, Scottsdale, AZ. CONDITION: Good to very good. The interior of the house has been tastefully papered and repainted recently. (Estimate $2,000-3,500. Starting bid $1,000.) Sold for $1,000.

RARE GOTTSCHALK RED ROOF DOLLS' HOUSE. Circa 1910. This is an unusual large Red Roof which has a stationary front with both sides and back that are open. The front facade has many architectural features such as curved porches with elaborate railings and columns on both levels, bay windows on both corners, extending from the ground level to the roof, double door entrances with glass transoms over them at both levels and a set of front steps. On the roof top is a large dormer with flower boxes and a spectacular Dutch gable to accent the house! The exterior of the house is painted a light tan with darker tan trim, cream colored railings and posts, outline decoration in gray/green. Each side of the house is open, exposing three levels. The rooms have inter-connecting doors and the walls are papered and are angular in shape which makes the rooms quite interesting. One side of the house has an elaborate mahogany staircase that extends all three levels. (There is a small room on the bottom floor that is open.) The back of the house has all three levels open with the addition of railings and posts that enclose the corners of the house. SIZE: 36" t x 28" w x 28" d. PROVENANCE: From the Estate of Geraldine Gaba, Scottsdale, AZ. CONDITION: Exterior is repainted, interior repapered but professionally done. (Estimate $2,500-4,000. Starting bid $1,250.) Sold for $3,500.

SILBER & FLEMING DOLLS' HOUSE. This 3-story house, considered to be a flat box type; the roof is flat with the front facade rising above the roof, has been over-painted with similar colors to the original surface. The first level has bay windows with paint resembling stone. The two upper levels are painted in a red-orange brick with darker red brick over the windows. The house opens from the front to show six rooms; all wallpapered and three halls with staircases. Each room has a built-in fireplace and each window in the front of the house has lace curtains. There are balconies located on the second floor. SIZE: 45" t x 34" w x 18-1/2" d. PROVENANCE: From the Estate of Geraldine Gaba, Scottsdale, AZ. CONDITION: Good. The wallpaper on the back of the large doors that open to the house are original and extends to all levels. The floor papers in all six rooms appear original as they are all the same, the wallpapers in all six rooms may have been replaced. (Estimate $3,000-5,000. Starting bid $1,500.) Sold for $2,000.

I love the craftsmanship of this house; the woodwork is incredible.
JIM MARCUS DOLLS' HOUSE. Circa 1970. This doll house was one of the first dolls' houses made by Jim Marcus. They were sought after and collector's waited years to have one built. This one is a copy of a San Francisco Victorian-style house with its tall facade of bay windows, balconies, tower etc. which was entirely painted white. The intricate interior has finely carved architectural features such as grand paneling on walls, elaborate doorways and staircases. There are four levels in the main part of the house and a huge tower with a room with the tower being removable. The house is furnished with items of the period. The house is signed on the reverse "Jim Marcus 1970". SIZE: 80-1/2" t x 28-1/2" w x 30" d. PROVENANCE: From the Estate of Geraldine Gaba, Scottsdale, AZ. CONDITION: Very good. 1-8613 (2,500-3,500. Starting bid $1,250.) Sold for $2,100.

Here are even more houses from the Estate of Geraldine Gaba. I would have loved to have see how she had all of these on display. Check these out on eBay.

(All images from James D. Julia, Inc. on eBay)