Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chicago International Dreaming...

Many of you have been (or like me, still dream of going) to Chicago International. This years miniature event was of course pretty amazing. There was a huge turnout; even heavy storms and flooding couldn't keep miniature enthusiasts away. (mini2b - did you take pictures?)

Paris Renfroe sent me these photos that I wish I could have seen in person. He designed this Hotel Suite for the Chicago event. It was snatched up in the first few hours of opening night. This is nicer than any hotel I've ever stayed in. I want that bathroom!! How gorgeous is that sink?!?! I could vacation well in a hotel like this.

(images courtesy of Paris Renfroe,


  1. I'm so glad I went to the show this year. There were very few modern minis, but Paris' table was swamped the whole time!

  2. I did take pictures and will send them to you. Wish I had met Mad For Mod. The hope is that the inclusion of modernist like Paris, Peter Tucker, and Erik Goddard will encourage more modern miniature enthusiast to attend and support these great architectural designers! Paris had a great location and I agree that he was swamped -- I want a room with the working TV, it was so cool!

  3. Fantastic! Love the hotel room. I love all the different textures he used on the floors and walls of the room. Thank you for showing these photos!

  4. I'm so jealous of you guys that you get to see them in person etc. that hotel is gorgeous.


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