Sunday, March 10, 2013

Why can't this be my dollhouse?!?!?

Brae (otterine, Reader's Choice Best Blog Finalist, go vote) sent me this link to Jeffrey Stephenson's work.

I am in awe. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, this computer enclosure is one step away from being an amazing dollhouse. The size is almost perfect, just pop out that computer, put in a second floor and some access panels, and presto fabulous dollhouse. Sadly, Jeffrey says he's just a hobbyist and does not sell his work. Man, what I would give for one of these converted to a dollhouse.

You can totally see how he drew inspiration from the Kaufmann House/Fallingwater (1935), Bachman-Wilson House (1954), Irving House (1909) and Coonley Playhouse (1912). Check out Jeffrey's website to read more about the Usonian project. He may not be selling anything, but for you DIYers there are over 200 more photographs of the Usonian project from start to finish to inspire you to build your own:, HardOCP or Overclockers Australia.

Check out Jeffery's website to see more of his incredible work.

(all images and content based on Jeffrey's website


  1. Thanks for the plug! :D

    Can't you see that large round opening being the most fabulous stained glass window?'s so beautiful.

  2. He certainly has incorporated the best of the best architectural themes in his work, so many of his pieces could be converted, easily, to miniature houses. I hope he rethinks his decision not to sell his work, his work is astonishingly beautiful.

  3. This is so amazing! I used to live by Falling Water years ago, thanks for posting these pictures! :D

    Many mini hugs,

  4. So he won't build a dollhouse--even if you say "pretty please with sugar on top"? Ha! You are right. THESE are phenomenal. I'm really looking forward to the day when there are so many modern dollhouses on the market that I don't have to feel this wishing anymore.

  5. Me parece un diseño espectacular. Me ha encantado.

  6. That's some mighty nice woodwork and design. *Sigh*, someday...

  7. Talented, beautiful work. Maybe he hasn't the patience for minis??? I'm impressed with what you've done with your "to do list"--ha ha


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