Sunday, January 22, 2012

I could be a Barbie Girl in this Barbie World

One of my readers, Maureen, sent me this great link to Jamie Kelly's modern 1:6 dollhouse. Jamie is a photographer and painter that loves making furniture, bedding, clothes, etc.
She modified this dollhouse that originally had all the same size rooms, moving walls around and adding windows and doors. Most everything is a combination of things she made or picked up from thrift store and garage sales, with the exception of the cabinetry and some gifts from friends and her sister.

Most of the wall art is her own artwork to scale. Jamie learned how to bend plexiglass. She's planning on creating more plexi pieces, hopefully some bar stools, coffee tables, platform beds, end tables. Good luck Jamie. Can't wait to see what you come up with next. The photos are outstanding. It's nice to see what the professionals can do.

Thanks Maureen!

(all images from Jamie's website


  1. Very cool!

    Bending plexiglass sounds quite interesting.

  2. Hey Dale!
    I'm also intrigued on the bending plexi, I have no idea how to do it that wouldn't result in my burning it. :P
    I'll be watching her blog for more stuff.

    Kikka Howdy! Yeah, I'd totally move in too.

    mini smiles,


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