Sunday, August 1, 2010

X10NY Art unique modern magazines

Modern MC got the scoop on this one, but Christen of X10NY Miniature Art sent me these incredible photos to share. These magazines and others are availabe for $9.99 on ebay under seller Goodwill8200.

X10NY Art has taken miniature magazines to a new level. Their high quality miniature magazines are made with real glossy covers and readable pages. They come in 1:12, 1:16, and 1:6 scale. What makes these so unique is the attention to detail. Each part of these items are hand cut and crafted, making each magazine a one of a kind, as no two magazines are alike. The magazines includes double sided pages, ads, and real images from the actual cover story featured in the magazine. All are limited edition. Each piece of artwork is signed and numbered by the artist and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Inspired by the work of master miniature book artisans like Barbara Raheb and others, items designed by X10NY are handcrafted to look and feel like the real thing. X10NY Art has other modern miniatures in the works including the Soho bed with modern bedding seen in the top photos.

There are only 1:12 scale magazines on ebay now, but if you would like to order 1:16 or 1:6, just contact Christen. And Christen just started a blog, so check that out for more details on available products here:

For further information please contact Christen:
X10NY Miniature Art
(347) 878-5877
X10NYArt (at)

(all images from Christen at X10NY Miniature Art)


  1. Son de muy buena calidad estas revistas. Es increible cuanta paciencia para escanear y reducir, además cortar y encuadernar con tanta precisión. Gracias por enseñarlas. Clara

  2. Gorgeous little magazines, but I saw just 1:12 scale magazines for sale when I clicked the link.
    But I will look out for her, hopefully she will soon come up with some in 1:16 scale for sale as well :-)

  3. Clara
    Estoy tan contenta de Christen enviado por correo electrónico las fotos para mí. La calidad y detalles de la realidad parecen increíbles.
    (Traducido con Google Translator)

    Just email Christen which magazine you want in 1:16 or ask which are available. I think only the 1:12 are on ebay now, but Christen might have 1:16 in stock, or could custom make them.

    Thanks so much for you comments. I so happy that you are enjoying the magazines. 1:16 scale is available. Clara - I just sent you an email.

    Thanks again, everyone!



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