Saturday, July 10, 2010

PRD Miniatures Summer Sale

If you are not subscribed to the PRD Miniatures newsletter, you may not have heard yet about the super "Summer Sale" with 10-50% off many items. Sale ends July 31.

I am definitely getting some of the cubes. I love the orange but they also come in natural wood, powder blue, and metallic, plus the tribal effect is pretty cool. Oh the possibilities. Check out the sale here.

(all images from


  1. Thanks for sharing, and for the informative article in Doll's houses past and present! I have read the shorter version on your blog earlier, but the extended version was really great! I want almost all of the houses you presented there (and a dry and big basement room too.)

  2. Hey Thanks Pubdoll. I know, I totally want many of those houses. Someday. LOL, yes a "dry" basement would be essential. Cheers.


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