Friday, June 4, 2010

Cassie Marie's Dollhouse Rehab

Merci beaucoup to Anne for the tip on the work of Cassie Marie Edwards. Cassie is in the middle of refurbishing an old dollhouse and making her own modern furniture.

You may recognize her designs inspired by the work of American furniture designer Paul McCobb (1917-1969). I love McCobb's work. He was a decorator and retail display designer with no formal design training. McCobb eventually turned to mid-century modern furniture and in the 50's his "Planner Group" collection became the best selling line of modern furniture in the US.

Great work Cassie! We look forward to seeing the finished house.

(image from Cassie's website and flickr page, but she also has a blog)


  1. Thanks so much for posting on this. I LOVE her work -- so simple and clean. And her photos are lovely! Bravo!

  2. I'm so glad Anne (from France) let me know about this great project. Cassie's photos are pretty terrific. Her work is inspiring me to get back to renovating my old dollhouse. Well, right after I finish the Antrim.

  3. Je suis ravie que son travail vous plaise.
    And thanks for your kind words in french.
    Can't wait to see the whole house. great work and great pictures.

  4. Thanks for the great find Anne! I can't wait to see the finished house as well.


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